hiding net art from the public since 2017

Art storage is big business. Currently worth more than $1 billion USD, secure storage for paintings, sculptures, and other physical artworks facilitates global investment and trade in art as commodity. In fact, many artworks now go straight from sale to storage, never taking up space on the walls or floors of its owner. Now, for the first, time net artists have a turnkey option for hiding their art from the public: NET ART FOR STORAGE. Read more...




Mez Breeze (AU)

Off+OnSlaught[er] [aka Maul_All]

Birth and Death of the First Martyr Joke

Nicole Brunel (CA)

This martyr joke seems as though it’s from another, better world or time, because it acts as though it is free. Read more...

nodes: Belgrade

Vincent Charlebois (CA)

Since September 2016, I have been installing weather stations inside and outside multiple gallery spaces where environmental information was recorded. Read more...



According to the statistics of »Reporters without borders« in the single year of 2016 sixty-one people have been killed as a consequence of subversive and critical journalism, which is more than necessary for a democratic, human world. Read more...


Ivan Divanto (IT)

Referring to the studies of the philosopher of art Ernst Gombrich, there is development and change of the sense of sight through the times and the arrival of new actors of perception. Read more...

The UnApplication

Louis Frehring (FR)

The UnApplication is a Mac program proposing a unique experience to the user before autoerasing. Read more...

This is painless

Natalia Garcia (ES)

In a free-internet-democracy where everybody gets to speak, the problem is about who has the power to be heard. Read more...

A tribute to Evan

Naomi Gilon (BE)

This project is a work of reappropriation that is based on one of the works of Evan Roth: Read more...

Epic John Cena

Melanie Gruber (BE)

Just a gif of the epicness of John Cena, a tribute to the meme culture.


Maria Nicole Hale (US)

How I feel about social media.

After On Kawara

Patrick Lichty (US) is a durational web art piece reflecting on the ephemeral nature of the Internet. Read more...

The Making of Leap Second Festival

Bjørn Magnhildøen (NO), Zsolt Mesterhazy (NL), Radovan Misovic (NL)

A video documenting using an open platform for collaborative writing as the working process, and eventually claiming it as the festival's main website.

empty zip folder

Dominik Podsiadly (PL)

"" constitutes the digital "ready made." 100 years ago Marcel Duchamp created a piece of art "Fountain" - it had a form of signed pisuar. Read more...

Our Pazword

Sacha Toncovich (The internet)

Sacha Toncovich is a digital #multidentity, you can be her/him/us/they and post as Sacha through the open Twitter-user: sachatoncovich password: <3<3<3 or... Read more...

E9 / Deborah House / [the wind was picking up, ]

Owen Vince (GB)

Part of a wider project exploring - and exploiting - the visual economy of images circulating through Google Maps. Read more...

Coronagraphs and the Tuning of the World

Matt Voor (US)

A coronagraph is a telescopic attachment designed to block out the direct light from a star so that nearby objects, otherwise hidden in the star's bright glare, can be resolved. Read more...

thumbnail screenshots.png (182K)

William Wolfgang Wunderbar (the specific ocean)

a digital painting composed of several thumbnail screenshots


Bert Zhang (US)

A collection of earnestly attempted photographic shots by the artist that were either underexposed or had something obstructing light from reaching the camera. Read more...